Thursday, January 26, 2012

You and me and Google

Several people have asked me to blog about LinkedIn ... what it's good for, how to use it, etc. I'm going to tackle that soon. It's going to take some time and thought to compose that one, though, and I'm short on the time part right now. (I'm continuing to have a highly productive month!) So, today I'm going to share some info I've already got put together about Google and its advertising platform, AdWords ... specifically why it might be a good idea for you to advertise your business (if you've got one, that is) and why, if you decide you want to, you should buy your Google ad plan through me. Here goes:

Why use Google AdWords as an advertising platform?
• In a recent poll of Internet users, 97% reported conducting research online prior to making purchases at least some of the time.
• 90% of the time, Internet users do not search using a business name. They search using product- and service-related keyword phrases.
• Internet search engine advertising has a higher return on investment rate (averaging 10%) than traditional advertising. This is because it targets only individuals who are actively seeking the advertiser’s products and services.
• Nearly 70% of Internet users start their Internet search on
• Paid advertising via Google AdWords ensures immediate, highly targeted exposure for a business, and that exposure lasts for the duration of the ad campaign.
• Google AdWords ads also may appear across the Google Display Network — thousands of other highly viewed reputable websites. Ads here are displayed beside content relevant to the advertiser’s industry.
• Google ads take Internet searchers directly to the advertiser’s company website, where the advertiser crafts and controls all content.
• Using Google AdWords, advertisers pay only for ads that were clicked — never for impressions (or the number of times an ad appeared).
• Unlike traditional advertising platforms, Google AdWords plans include post-ad reporting, informing advertisers of precisely how many people viewed their ads, as well as the most popularly searched phrases that resulted in ad views.

Why use User Friendly Media as your Google AdWords provider?
• My company boasts nearly 30 offices across eight states. We have a customer base more than 30,000 strong, and we pride ourselves on having a high-level of customer satisfaction. We are a privately held company backed by a reputable merchant bank.
• My company is a Google AdWords Certified Partner, meaning our employees (including myself) involved in selling and maintaining Google ad campaigns have undergone specialized training, demonstrated an in-depth understanding of AdWord by passing exams, and meet all of Google’s AdWords qualification guidelines.
• Google selected my company as the first reseller to pilot a special Google AdWords program wherein campaigns are built and incubated by a team of dedicated Google employees. With expert-built campaigns, our advertisers have a competitive edge!
•100% of ads placed within our Google program appear on and the Google Display Network and link directly to the advertiser’s website. (This is not always the case with competitor plans.)
• Our Google ad campaigns are completely turnkey for the advertiser. Google and my company staff handle all aspects of implementation and maintenance of every ad campaign. (Google recommends 10 to 15 hours per week of ad campaign maintenance for optimal performance.)

There you have it! Any questions?

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