Friday, February 17, 2012

Things you should already know

A series of frustrating encounters this week has inspired me to write about a few simple rules everyone should follow. It may seem silly (to some of you, I hope) that I should have to write these things. They are things that people should already know. Clearly many people don't know these things, however. Or, if they do know, they don't care ... or don't actually practice what they know. Anyway, here we go.

1.) When someone smiles at you, smile back.

2.) When someone tells you hello, say hello back.

3.) When you want someone to do you a favor, be nice and say please.

4.) When someone does something nice for you, say thank you. (Try to mean it, too.)

5.) When someone leaves you a phone message or sends you an email and asks that you reply, do reply.

6.) When you are working on a project with someone and they take the time to write down helpful instructions for you, read them, then follow them.

7.) When you schedule an appointment with someone, enter it into your calendar. Check your calendar daily. Make every effort to keep your appointments. If you realize you can't make it to an appointment, call, text or email the person you had the appointment with; explain you aren't going to be able to make it; reschedule the appointment for a different time; and show up to that one!

8.) If you completely forget to show up for an appointment, apologize profusely. (Note: It helps to actually feel sorry for inconveniencing the other party.)

9.) Never tell anyone you are "too busy" to give them a few minutes of your time. Especially don't tell them that and then post on Facebook a couple of days later about how much it sucks that it's raining because you were really hoping to spend the day laying out by the pool.

It's not rocket science, folks! Just don't be a jerk!

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