Thursday, December 15, 2011

People are strange, when you're a neighbor

Okay, I have like five minutes to blog (precluding kid emergencies, computer crashes, power outages or natural disasters). Let's see how I do,

As the heading suggests, people are strange. And, I'm not just talking strangers, I'm talking about people we know even. Case in point: Someone left a kitten on my doorstep yesterday, WITH a bowl of tuna ... you know, to keep it there. Whoever it was must have fled just moments before I arrived from a morning meeting. Thank GAWD I made a sale at that meeting. (A good sale, that included both Google and CityGrid campaigns!) Because I spent a good chunk of the remainder of the day trying to place it in a good home, while I should have been working. I figure whoever committed this horrendous act of abandonment knows me. Call me cynical, jaded or whatever you want, but I find it difficult to believe this was a random act. See, I love kitties. It's pretty well known among "friends." I have two cats, a dog (German Shepherd) and a bunch of pond fish, plus, of course, three monkeys. I've harbored other creatures, too. In short, I'm maxed out. I simply cannot care for another living thing.

In the end, I placed this sweet kitteh boy in a loving home, thanks to Facebook — my favorite communication tool. Still, it's a perfect reflection of the kind of callousness I deal with on a daily basis. By no means am I a religious person, but I do firmly believe in the Golden Rule: Treat your neighbor and you would like to be treated. A deeply empathetic soul, I always try to put myself in the shoes of others and consider how I might respond in different situations. I can honestly say, I can't imagine — regardless of my situation — placing the burden of a homeless kitten on another, against their will. I wonder what would have compelled someone to do this, and I am at a loss. But all is well. If I had more time. I'd compare this to my sales world experiences. Like I said, I'm pressed for time. So, I'll save it for the next post.

Don't get me wrong. I am a happy and compassionate person. I wasn't all that put out by yesterday's episode. But I do wish more people would do the right thing, think before they act, and not expect someone else to take care of their problems. Just sayin'.

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  1. This whole incident is soo weird. I agree, who would do something like this? Think, people!